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LED UV nail Lamp


Specifications:110V/220VAC 50/60HZ

Market price:11.00$


Product brief :


LED nail lamp manual (TP-L21, 3W)

Thank you for purchasing our product, It is very important to read these instruction carefully before using the appliance, especial on the safety issue.

1.       Safety instruction:

1.1   Check the products carefully before using it, including: plug, power cable, switch and so on, make sure no shield of the cable broken, switch work well;

1.2   Plug in the power plug firmly, use the appliance in accordance with specified rated voltage;

1.3   Stop using it when the appliance is out of control, don’t dis-assemble, repair or modify any of the characteristics of this appliance, this would not only damage the appliance, but also have the potential damage yourself;

1.4   Never operate the plug and the power switch with the wet hands, this would results in electronic shock;

1.5   Children should be supervised to ensure that they don’t play with the appliance, place the appliance firmly and stable when using it, don’t drop it;

1.6   Don’t touch the LED surface for a long time, as the static electricity from the body will reduce the UV light and affect the function of the lamp;

1.7   Unplug the appliance if no using it, always disconnect the power cable by pulling on the plug, don’t pull the power cable itself;

2.       Operation instruction:

2.1   Check and guarantee the power switch to be on the “0” position, plug the product into the power socket firmly;

2.2   Turn the switch onto the “1” position, then the product start to working;

2.3   Put you hand with Gel into the lamp until the Gel was dried completely, as different Gel, the character has a little different, for the normal LED Gel, we recommend with 60~90Seconds;

2.4   After finish the nail art work, then switch off the lamp, disconnect the plug from the socket, put the product into the box for keeping;

3.       Maintenance instruction:

3.1   We recommend the consumer don’t open the lamp by yourself, don’t use any volatile organic solvents such as diluents, gasoline and etc, as these will affect the function of the lamp;

3.2   Don’t wash the lamp body by water, clean it with soft wet cloth when you unplug the product into the socket;

4.       Technical parameters:

4.1   Voltage & power: A 100~110V 60HZ; B 220~240V 50HZ, details ref to the product label;

4.2   Wavelength: 395~405nM;

5. Quality certification: Pass CE test.  

Packing information:

1>White box: 16.5*15.2*75CM;

    inner packing weight: 0.356KG;
    Carton Dimension: 48*35*40.5CM;
     N.W.:10.68KG ;
     G.W.: 11.68KG;
     Qty: 30pcs/CTN

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